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Police Jokes

All the great jokes about cops, officers, and the police can be found in police jokes for kids section!

Kids Jokes : Police Jokes

[Police joke]We can't arrest your surgeon   11/12

A man was driving down the highway   11/10

[Police joke]Why was the cop in bed   11/06

Police and penguin joke for kids   11/06

Headlines of escape joke   10/28

Three robbers joke for kids   10/26

Police knock knock joke   10/23

[Police joke]Clever man in jail joke   10/22

[Police joke]Why don't the police use both   10/22

[Police joke]Highway officer joke for kids   10/19

[Police joke]Why was the policeman standing on dog poo   10/19

[Police joke]Why wouldn't the policeman come out from under the covers   10/13

[Police Joke]Manners, Poo, and Shut up   10/11

[Police joke]Why was the policeman in bed   10/10

[Police Joke]What's a cop's favorite food   10/07

[Police joke]What is a detective's ultimate car   09/29

[Police joke]Why was the detective at the beach   09/28

[Police joke]What did the police man said to his tummy   09/26

[Police joke]Why was the police officer under the covers   09/24

Which 4 letters frighten a thief   09/23

[Police joke]Why did the cop go to the baseball game   09/22

[Police joke]Why did the police arrest the chef   09/18

[Police joke]What do you get when you cross an agent and a quilt   09/17

[Police joke]What are the pipes at the police station made of   09/17

[Police joke]A thief entered a Police Inspector house   09/11

Which jam does a policeman use on his bread   09/05

What kind of metal do they have at a police station   09/05

What do you get when you cross a policeman and a skunk   09/05

DUI violations outside the bar joke   08/26

Local police joke for kids   08/25

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