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Police Jokes

All the great jokes about cops, officers, and the police can be found in police jokes for kids section!

Kids Jokes : Police Jokes

A lat reservation joke   04/01

Five-state chase joke   04/01

Police officers in Mississauga joke   03/19

22 MPH joke   03/15

A farmer and his pig joke   03/13

No time for superstitions   03/13

Nail deputy joke for kids   03/10

Why did the police wake the child   03/03

Bucket of chicken joke   02/28

Rookie police officer joke   02/22

Speeding motorist joke   02/20

Stop or slow down joke   02/17

I've been waiting for you all day   02/17

Sheriff and animal vet joke   02/15

Unlucky robbery suspect joke   02/15

10 Most Wanted list joke   02/12

Policeman and golfer joke   02/07

[Police joke]Tickets joke or kids   01/22

Delivering bridge joke   01/16

Silly chicken thieves joke for kids   01/13

Five liners about what not to say to the nice policeman   01/09

Missing husband joke for kids   01/09

Busy Looking for me   12/24

Blonde's License joke for kids   12/16

What not to say to the nice policeman   12/02

[Police joke]Nonsense of the drunk joke   11/26

[Police joke]We can't arrest your surgeon   11/12

A man was driving down the highway   11/10

[Police joke]Why was the cop in bed   11/06

Police and penguin joke for kids   11/06

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