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Parenting Jokes

Have fun with this collection of funny parenting jokes. Mothers, fathers, children, kids and much more.

Kids Jokes : Parenting Jokes

Want today wifi password   04/02

How do you know your child is growing up   03/04

Go to the zoo joke   01/15

Things a Mother Would Never Say to her Son   12/18

Chocolate milk joke for kids   11/07

[Parenting joke]Doing dishes joke   10/27

[Parenting Joke]I slid down the banister   09/08

Dead seagull joke for kids   08/25

Daddy's way joke for kids   08/25

Hair growing fast joke   08/25

Unborn baby joke   08/18

Parenting kid the evils of alcohol joke   08/18

Honest Wife joke for kids   07/27

10 Parenting Laws joke   07/27

Mother white hair joke for kids   07/10

Salesman and small boy joke for kids   07/10

The Baby Sitter joke for kids   07/02

I think Mommy ate it   07/02

Alcohol and worm joke for kids   07/02

What if they try to escape   07/02

A day of our mom   06/24

You might be a mom if... 2   06/24

You might be a mom if... 1   06/24

Chewing gum joke for kids   06/15

parents request joke for kids   06/15

Why do not you just go and study?   06/15

Sugar bowl joke for kids   06/13

Massge between mom and son   06/13

A Love Supreme   05/06

A funny joke for you   05/06

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