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Funny dog picture: a ball from their den

Funny dog picture: My favorite part

Welcome to Kids Jokes of the Day!

Kids love to share jokes. Our purpose is to find more appropriate kids jokes to make kids giggle. Check out each joke category to find the type of joke, pun, one liner you are interested in. The jokes for kids we find are clean and absolutely funny. Please enjoy the big collection of kids jokes, puns and one liner jokes with your family here.

Joke of the day for kids

What kind of shark is always gambling   10/30
What did the salmon say when he swam into a wall   10/30
What job do rabbits at hotels have   10/30
Why doesn't the sea spill over the earth   10/30
What are prehistoric monsters called when they sleep   10/30
How do you get four elephants into a Mini   10/30
What dog wears contact lenses   10/30
Greyhound joke for kids   10/30
What sleeps at the bottom of the sea   10/30
What did Godzilla say after he ate Jamaica   10/30
Crossword puzzles joke for kids   10/30
What do you call a teacher that can write well   10/30
What do you call Vincent Van Gogh painting right now   10/30
Where should you put your T.V.   10/30
How does a skeleton talk to his friends   10/30
Why did the booger cross the road   10/30
What is the longest English word   10/30
What did Snow White say when she was waiting for her photo   10/30
What did one casket say to the other casket   10/30
What did the banana say to the artichoke   10/30
What does a vampire say after drinking   10/30
Where do sheeps take a bath   10/29
What do you call a snake who works for the government   10/29
How do tigers describe themselves   10/29
Did you hear about the flying whale   10/29
What is a wolf's favorite food   10/29
What did the girl name her pet zebra   10/29
What has three feet and one leg   10/29
How do professional football players eat chili   10/29
Why did the basketball player bring a glass of water to gy   10/29

Favourite Kids Jokes

What do you call a sheep with no legs   18520
How can you read a book upside down   12251
Why did the tree go to the dentist   9259
What is a cat's favorite color   8486
Why was the strawberry sad   8026
[Animal joke]Why does a dog wag its tail   6787

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