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Funny dog picture: a ball from their den

Funny dog picture: My favorite part

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Kids love to share jokes. Our purpose is to find more appropriate kids jokes to make kids giggle. Check out each joke category to find the type of joke, pun, one liner you are interested in. The jokes for kids we find are clean and absolutely funny. Please enjoy the big collection of kids jokes, puns and one liner jokes with your family here.

Joke of the day for kids

What did the frog say when she wanted to go somewhere   07/22
When do hamsters run away from rain   07/22
What do French frogs eat at restaurants   07/22
What happens if a frog parks in a no parking zone   07/22
What is a key that you can't open a door with   07/22
How do you open a chest full of bananas   07/22
What is a frog's favorite game   07/22
Where does a hamster go for Spring Break   07/22
Why was the monkey eating bananas   07/22
What did the monkey wear when cooking dinner   07/22
Where do frogs hang their coats   07/22
How do monkeys make toast   07/22
Why are dolphins smarter than humans   07/22
Which kind of ink do you put in your computer's printer   07/22
Why shouldn't you let a penguin use your computer   07/22
Funny teacher and pupil math jokes   07/22
Why didn't you stop that ball   07/22
What ring is square   07/22
Two boys were playing football   07/22
Glasses on the pitch joke   07/22
What did the cow say to the moving man   07/21
What do you call a dinosaur with one eye   07/21
What are prehistoric monsters called when they sleep   07/21
How can if you have a stupid dog   07/21
Why did the dinosaur cross the road   07/21
What kind of animal goes to a diner   07/21
What kind of dog does Dracula have   07/21
Why don't dogs make good dancers   07/21
Why did the dinosaur cross the road   07/21
What do you call a cow with no legs   07/21

Favourite Kids Jokes

What do you call a sheep with no legs   13351
How can you read a book upside down   9122
Why did the tree go to the dentist   6642
What is a cat's favorite color   5972
Why was the strawberry sad   5834
[Animal joke]Why does a dog wag its tail   5560
Chicken farm joke for kids   4808

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