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Math Jokes for Kids

Funny math jokes for kids here, about mathematic and mathematicians.

Kids Jokes : Math Jokes for Kids

What do you call an arithmetic teacher who can make numbers disappear   11/01

How far open were the windows in the math class   11/01

Who was the first math student   10/23

Why did 8 times 8 go to the store   10/23

Who invented fractions   10/23

What do you get when you add the circumference of a pumpkin and its diameter   09/29

What did the plant do in math class   09/14

Divide apples joke   09/10

What do you call 144 cockroaches   09/02

How did the little kids like learning addition   08/30

How did the student get the answer to ten minus ten   08/30

Why couldn't the math student get any attention   08/30

Why was the math student so bad at decimals   08/27

What do geometry teachers have on their floors   08/27

What do you call it when geometry teachers use bad language   08/25

Why did the multiplication table get in trouble with the girls   08/25

How does a mathematician plow his fields   08/21

What did the math teacher order for dinner   08/21

What did the math classroom have instead of desks   08/21

How did the math teacher paint a picture   08/21

What is the best dessert in the Math Teacher's Cafe   08/13

Why is your nose in the middle of your face   08/13

What tool do you use in algebra   08/13

How many times can you take 5 from 25   08/13

Funny teacher and pupil math jokes   07/22

What do you call an arithmetic Teacher who can make numbers disappear   07/20

Why did the multiplication table get in trouble with the girls   07/20

Why couldn't the seven and the ten get married   07/17

What did the bee say when it solved the problem   07/17

What did the math Teacher order for dessert   07/15

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