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Tractor salesman

The farmer goes to town one day and happens to run into his old pal the tractor salesman.
"How's business?" asks the farmer. "Not very good, I haven't sold a
tractor in months, How are things on the farm?" asked the salesman.
"Well-- The other day I went out to the barn to milk that old cow I have.
I started milking and she swatted me with her tail, so I tied her tail to
the ceiling. I started milking again and she kicked me with her left leg
so I tied that to the left side of the stall. I started milking again and
she kicked me with her right leg so I tied that one to the right side of
the stall. About that time my wife walked in the barn, and if you can
convince her that I was just trying to milk that damn cow,
I'll buy a tractor from you!!"

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