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Jokes for business meetings

First jokes for business meetings:

A CEO was standing still in the meeting room. When an employee asked why he is just standing and not speaking, the CEO began like this.
CEO: We passed over a lot of good people to get the ones we hired.

Second jokes for business meetings:

It is important for people attending a meeting to have interest in what a presenter has to say and understand the information that is being relayed. This is where visual aids come in handy. Visual aids are illustrations which a presenter shows to his listeners while explaining his points. They include charts, slide shows and diagrams.
Visual aids are important to a presenter as they increase the retention of information by listeners. Most people remember things that they see with their eyes much more than the things they hear. Charts or diagrams used should be simple and straight to the point. Do not fix a billion and one words and pictures as these create a sense of confusion and may make the audience lose interest in the information.
It helps to research well and indicate the main points on your chart while explaining each in your own words. This will give you a chance to maintain eye contact with your listeners and hence draw their attention to what you are presenting. In addition, see if any of the people you are talking to you are keeping up with you and read their facial expressions.
Be brief and to the point. Not all people may have a long attention span. Keeping your explanations short will ensure people pay attention and also absorb the information that you are passing on to them.
Being relaxed and breaking the ice with a joke or two as you do your presentation will keep your listeners desiring to hear more from you regardless of how complicated your presentation may be.

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