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Lawyer Jokes

Lawyer jokes and humor! You'll find lawyer jokes about greed, crime, billing hours, ethics, other professions, and much more!

Kids Jokes : Lawyer Jokes

What do you get if you send the Godfather to law school   02/18

How many lawyers can you place on the point of a needle   02/10

How do you greet a lawyer with an IQ of 50   01/26

What's the difference between lawyers and vultures   01/20

Lawyer's big BMW joke   01/20

When a person assists a criminal   01/16

[Lawyer Joke]What's the difference between a lawyer and a rooster   01/13

What do a baker and an attorney have in common   01/10

What's the difference between a lawyer and an onion   01/10

Why are lawyers buried in deeper graves than other folks   01/06

[Lawyer Joke]Why don't lawyers go to the beach   12/28

Lawyers screw in a light bulb   12/28

How can you tell that an attorney is about to lie   12/24

How do you get an attorney out of a tree   12/20

Why don't snakes bite attorneys   12/20

[Lawyer Joke]Why are lawyers like nuclear weapons   12/18

A lawyer and tiger joke   10/31

[Lawyer joke]What's black and brown and looks good on a lawyer   10/08

Don't you feel ashamed of coming to Court frequently   09/11

Deputy Gomer   09/07

Why won't sharks attack lawyers   09/07

Stupid lawyer joke of the day   08/26

Defense lawyer joke for kids   08/14

Two lawyers eat sandwiches joke for kids   08/04

Engineer, physicist and lawyer interview joke   08/01

Laywer's IQ joke for kids   07/13

Why did God invent lawyers   07/13

A lawyer and a trampoline joke for kids   07/13

A jellyfish and a lawyer joke for kids   07/13

Difference between a good lawyer and a bad lawyer   07/13

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