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A old doctor and a young

The best humor.Enjoy it:

One Day this old doctor decided he wanted to retire but he would have to train the young doctor to do house calls. The first day was a training day for the young doctor. the old doctor took the young doctor to one of his house calls he told the young doctor before they entered that the women who lived here was 50 years old and had a belly ache. The old doctor walked up to the women in bed, and lisened to her belly. He told her to lay off the fruit. As the doctors left the young doctor ased the old doctor how he knew the old women had ate a lot of fruit, the old doctor replied, he stumbled into the trash can filled with apple peelings. The next day the old doctor said its your turn. The old women they went to see today was about 60 she was always tired. the young doctor looked at her and said she had been work for the church to long. When they left the Old doctor asked how he knew that. The young doctor replied, the sunday school books and the preacher under the bed. the old doctor told the young doctor your goona make a fine doctor when I retire.

Here we present medical jokes and humor, relating to nurses, insane patients, patients, doctors, about medicine in general!

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