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Microsoft Corp Jokes for Kids

Microsoft Corp today announced that they would purchase the source thePenPoint operating system for the value of one of Bill Gates eye-lashes(est. value $1.3 million). Gates was quoted as saying "we are only doing what the consumer has asked us to do: ship huge, bloated, bug-ridden programs while using every trick in the book to kill our competitors. As an example of our progress, consider Windows CE which paints the screen sloweron a 75 MHz MIPS RISC processor than the 16 MHz 68000 in the Palm Pilot,while sucking the batteries dry in a tenth of the time."
Funny short stories are to make you laugh. Some of these true stories are ture, while others are made-up stories. And all stories are ideal for bluffing your friends. They will all laugh because of your short stories jokes.

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