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Botanist pun joke

Why was the botanist so wise? He was very sage.

How was the botanist paid? With a stipe-nd.

What was the greenhorn botanist sent on? A stipe hunt.

What type of drawings do botanists enter in? Raffle-esias.

What does a botanist sleep on? A monocot.

What keeps a botanist going? Tomentum.

Why was the botanist crying? She had THYRSE in her eyes (what can I say it was a tendril moment).

Why couldn't the botanist see very well? She had A-stigma-tism.

What does a botanists do when he/she finds a new orchid? Labellum.

The botanist was broke, so she took out a lawn, or was it a loam.

Pun is a form of word play which suggests two or more meanings. It is also called paronomasia. Puns are a common source of humor in jokes and comedy shows. It takes a while for kids to use puns. Only practice can help them improve their language skills. We provide so many pun jokes in this section. And some of the funny puns for kids here can be used to make your family and classroom full of fun.

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