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Wild Whiskey Worm joke

One day Jim was out fishing and was not having any luck at all, he tried lures, worms and other types of bait and was just not catching anything.

Tom was fishing about 20 feet from him and was catching fish as fast as he cast his line out.

Jim was getting very jealous of this show off, so he asked the Tom what he was using for bait.

The man said " I am using worms, but I dip them in whiskey".

Jim got really interested in this technique so he asked Tom if he could try one of these drunk worms.

Tom had no problem with this request so he handed Jim one of the worms.

Jim placed the worm on the hook and cast out no sooner than his hook hit the water, Jim's pole began to bow like crazy, he set his hook and started to reel it in.

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