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Food Jokes

Food jokes about types of food, restaurant menus, cooks, the cost of food, drinking, eating, waiters and much more!

Kids Jokes : Food Jokes

What did the hamburger say to the other hamburger   08/06

Which restaurant loves princesses   08/03

How do you fix a pizza   08/03

Why do bananas wear sunscreen   08/03

What is orange and sounds like parrot   08/03

Why did the hamburger go to the gym   08/03

Two potatoes were walking down the street   07/31

What did the yolk say to the white   07/31

Why wouldn't the oysters share their lunch   07/31

Which fish tastes best in peanut butter   07/31

How does Lady Gaga like her hamburgers   07/30

What is the funniest type of taffy   07/30

What's a piece of corn's favorite part of a room   07/30

What do you get when you put pop with a tart   07/28

Where do you go on red and stop on green   07/28

How can you fix a broken pizza   07/28

What is a scarecrow's favorite fruit   07/28

Why did the ice cream put sunscreen on   07/28

What vegetable isn't allowed on ships transporting goods   07/26

What did one loaf of bread say to the other loaf of bread   07/26

How do kids taking tests like their eggs   07/26

What day do potatoes hate most   07/26

Why did the man throw his butter in the air   07/24

Why were the two baby cookies crying   07/24

What do you call a peanut that is an astronaut   07/24

What do you call a peanut that is an astronaut   07/20

Why did the mushroom go to the party   07/20

Why are cooks cruel   07/20

Why did the stupid person throw the butter out the window   07/20

How do you know carrots are good for your eyes   07/19

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