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Science Jokes

This section mainly posts science related joke and humor for kids. Science jokes talks about chemistry, biology, physics, animals, experiments, technology and more. There is no scary elements that will scare kids. Science is always fun! To make it even more entertaining, give the kids a few of these jokes to experiment with today.

Kids Jokes : Science Jokes

Kids' view on science joke   04/20

Radiation belts joke for kids   04/20

What did the matter say to the antimatter   04/20

What did the thermometer say to the graduated cylinder   04/16

Which way are we supposed to go to circle the atom   04/16

What did the nuclear physicist have for lunch   04/14

Why is electricity so dangerous   04/14

What did the hurricane say to the island   04/09

What was the guy's reaction when he was struck by lightning   04/09

why science teachers should not be given playground duty   04/02

Biology, chemistry, physics joke   04/02

H2O joke for kids   04/02

What goes up when the rain comes down   03/30

What does a cloud wear under its rain coat   03/30

What did the cation tell the anion in a molecule   03/28

What is the name of the first electricity detective   03/28

What's the first thing you should learn in chemistry   03/25

Why do chemists prefer nitrates   03/25

What did the planet Mars say to Saturn   03/23

What did the one magnet say to the other   03/23

What did the thermometer say to the graduated cylinder   03/19

What did one electron say to the other electron   03/19

What is the richest kind of air   03/15

What do you do with bad chemistry jokes   03/15

Why does hamburger have lower energy than steak   03/13

Want to hear a Sodium joke   03/12

Want to hear a Potassium joke   03/12

Unemployed biologist joke   03/05

What is the simplest way to observe the optical Doppler effect   02/26

How did Ben Franklin feel after he flew a kite in a thunderstorm   02/17

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