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Science Jokes

This section mainly posts science related joke and humor for kids. Science jokes talks about chemistry, biology, physics, animals, experiments, technology and more. There is no scary elements that will scare kids. Science is always fun! To make it even more entertaining, give the kids a few of these jokes to experiment with today.

Kids Jokes : Science Jokes

Hydrogen, oxygen gold joke   01/13

[Science Joke]Why did the scientist disconnect his doorbell   01/02

What did the matter say to the antimatter   12/23

[Science Joke]Why did Mickey go to outerspace   12/21

[Science Joke]What's brown and sticky   12/21

[Science joke]Why did Polaris wipe her feet often   12/18

[Science joke]What did the planet Mars say to Saturn   12/12

[Science joke]What did the cation tell the anion in a molecule   12/06

The mad scientist who made gas joke   12/03

[Science joke]What do you do with dead elements   12/02

[Science joke]What did the one magnet say to the other   11/27

String theory joke for kids   11/17

The mad scientist joke for kids   11/14

[Science joke]What did the one magnet say to the other   11/12

[Science joke]Neutron walks into a restaurant   11/06

[Science Joke]Atom lost electron joke   11/06

[Science joke]What did the planet Mars say to Saturn   10/30

[Science joke]What did the cation tell the anion in a molecule   10/30

[Science joke]What did one earthquake say to the other earthquake   10/30

How do you organize a space party   10/27

[Science joke]What does the planet Pluto say   10/27

[Science joke]Why do Photons make great guests at parties   10/22

[Science joke]What did Archimedes' wife say to him before he got in the bath   10/22

[Science joke]What do you call a fossil that doesn't ever want to work   10/17

[Science joke]Why didn't the boy like his science class   10/17

[Science Joke]Which one weighs more   10/17

Air jokes for kids   10/17

[Science Joke]What wave can't you surf   10/17

Professor and dumb assistant joke for kids   10/13

[Science joke]Book about anti-gravity   10/09

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