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School Jokes

Theschool jokes here are about jokes and humor about school for kids. You will enjoy teacher jokes, student jokes, class jokes, studying and school life jokes here.

Kids Jokes : School Jokes

Punish students joke   03/25

Who stole all the pens then   03/20

Flip a coin joke   03/20

History teachers joke   03/16

Hundred in class test joke   03/16

A word has more than 1000 letters   03/16

Which one is closer, Sun or Africa   03/16

What kinds of tests do they give witches   03/15

Who is the king of all school supplies   03/15

Date of birth joke   03/11

What is the difference between a teacher and train   03/05

Multiplication table joke   03/05

The importance of the year 1809 joke   03/05

What is a teacher's three favorite words   03/03

What flies around the school at night   03/03

Which is the shortest of all the 12 months   03/02

Common word used in a classroom joke   03/02

What did the pencil say to the rubber   02/28

Greater teacher or mother joke   02/25

1 mark joke   02/25

7 times 6 and 6 times 7 joke   02/19

Biology teacher joke   02/18

Hard on one subject joke   02/13

New school joke   02/13

How do you get straight A's   02/11

Parachute joke for kids   01/24

Why did the pencil go to school   01/21

100 lines for her handwriting joke   01/21

Candy kids eat on the school playground joke   01/16

What is the difference between a teacher and a train   01/15

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