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School Jokes

Theschool jokes here are about jokes and humor about school for kids. You will enjoy teacher jokes, student jokes, class jokes, studying and school life jokes here.

Kids Jokes : School Jokes

Why did cavemen draw pictures of hippopotamuses and rhinoceroses on their walls   08/07

Where do books sleep   08/06

Five hundred pounds joke   08/05

School athletics team joke   08/05

Stupid kid in class jokes   07/24

Librarian and Pupil joke   07/24

A classmate of mine is so smart   07/24

I know a kid who's always in trouble at school   07/24

How fast does light travel   07/14

To which family does the lion belong   07/14

I know one classmate who was a real dummy   07/14

I know a kid in our class who's so smart   07/14

Why did the prince bring his father to school   07/13

Draw a picture of our teacher   07/05

Always being kept after school   07/05

One kid in our class is so dense   06/28

What do atomic scientists do when they have time off   06/26

What is a chemical formula   06/26

One buddy of mine was always being kept after school   06/18

One of our classmates is so stupid   06/18

Educational trip joke   06/16

What book you read joke   06/16

Our school library is so quiet   06/16

How many school teachers does it take to change a lightbulb   06/15

Book Black Beauty joke   06/11

Oliver Twist joke   06/11

Moby Dick School Jokes   06/09

What does your history book tell you about the Civil War   06/08

What did you learn from your history book about Harriet Beecher Stowe   06/08

Who is your favorite author   06/08

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