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Light Bulb Jokes

A light bulb jokes are jokes that ask how many people of a certain group are needed to change, replace, or screw in a light bulb. Generally, the punch line answer highlights a stereotype of the target group. There are numerous versions of the light bulb joke satirizing a wide range of cultures, beliefs and occupations.

Kids Jokes : Light Bulb Jokes

How many safety inspectors does it take to change a lightbulb   04/12

Poets light bulb joke   04/12

Municipal employees light bulb joke   04/07

Students light bulb joke   04/02

Schoolteachers light bulb joke   04/02

Pawnbrokers light bulb joke   03/26

Mice light bulb joke   03/22

Libertarians light bulb joke   03/22

Utilitarians light bulb joke   03/20

Yorkshiremen light bulb joke   03/20

Newsmen light bulb joke   03/19

Movie directors light bulb joke   03/19

Thought Police light bulb joke   03/15

Trainspotters lightbulb joke   03/15

Liberal Democrats light bulb joke   03/10

Mafia hitmen Light Bulb joke   03/04

Liberals Light Bulb joke   03/04

Waitresses lightbulb joke   02/28

Professors joke   02/20

Movie actresses joke   02/20

Publishers joke   02/18

New romantics joke   02/18

Mutants joke for kids   02/15

Magicians joke for kids   02/15

London taxi drivers joke   02/11

Kindergarden kids joke for kids   02/11

Musicians light bulb joke   02/06

Rednecks Light Bulb Joke   01/26

Monkeys Light Bulb Joke   01/26

Dinosaurs Light Bulb Joke   01/24

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